Mark Zuckerberg Wishes New Year in Mandarin

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg posted a video with a message entirely in Madarin to celebrate the New Year. The video almost has over 3.1 Million Views,164720 likes, 14677 comments and 28533 shares increasing every minute. The video is attached with this post


Another day passes

Well another day passed, i am sleepy and yawning though it is 8 pm only 😛  but still i am exhausted 😀 I dont feel like doing SEO, SEM, marketing of this blog. I do not know why 😦 I know people get millions of views 😛 i never touched a 1000 views per day on any blog. i wonder why o.O

any ways the weather here is still better 😀 but summers are coming soon and they are soo not welcome -.- summers are not fun because of the hot weather and the electricity issues 😛 Well yeah electricity issues like no electricity for  a couple of hours in the day. not some thing big but no electricity 😛

Lets wish renewable energy is implemented soon 😛

Hello every one

Hello, from the depth of Lahore a beautiful city in Pakistan. I do not want to write a lengthy post here 😛 but lets see what do i write here 😀

Well the weather in Lahore at the moment is quite nice and cool. but my head is spinning like a car spinning in 360 degrees. Darn this headache 😦 i want it gone with the winds 😀

So stay in touch for more 😛