Ryanair teams up with Vodafone Ireland

Ryanair and Vodafone

Today, 19 February; Ryanair launched a partnership with Vodafone Ireland such that Vodafone will act as a support for the communications and IT needs for the airline across Europe. This includes the ticketing, check-in, ground crew, in flight crew, and pilot systems.

Ryanair will be provided by local and wide area network access, fixed line, mobile including 3G and 4G functionality, and telephone to the 189 locations of Ryanair in Europe and North Africa.

Ryanair’s Chief Technology Officer, John Hurley said:

“Over the last 30 years, Ryanair has revolutionised and democratised air travel for European citizens, growing to become Europe’s largest airline with the widest route network, connecting 189 destinations in 30 countries, through more than 1,600 routes – and all on the lowest fares. As part of our “Always Getting Better” improvement programme, we’re continuing to enhance the Ryanair experience for our 90m annual customers, and this partnership with Vodafone will provide us with the technical support to allow us to make these improvements quickly and seamlessly, including the introduction of paperless cockpits and a swifter inflight sales system.”

Vodafone Ireland Enterprise Director, Anne Sheehan said:

“This partnership is one of the most significant for Vodafone in Ireland and is further evidence of our strategy of providing large enterprise with total communications solutions to drive productivity and efficiencies.  We have embraced Ryanair’s dynamic and unique approach by providing complete end to end technology solutions and we have tailored to Ryanair’s requirements across 189 locations in Europe. Ryanair is a company that is driving innovative technological solutions in the airline industry and Vodafone is delighted to partner with them to drive this evolution.”



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