SEO, Marketing, Traffic :|

SEO Bloggins etc :(

Well traditionally you would be expecting me to write a lengthy tutorial on seo, marketing, social media, etc . Sorry to disappoint you. I dont feel like writing on any thing technical. I see many people blogging, many bloggers come in the blogging zone and leave disappointed. Blogging seems more like a war zone 😀 I am a blogger my self, but lets just think Why did i say so?

A perfect example will a non technical person in php, WordPress, Blogging developments etc trying to blog. For instance a poet. That person is actually expected to get confused by reading seo, keywords, sem, social media, etc etc. And what output will he be expecting ? He will have no idea. I personally believe this era is of specialization and many people consider specializing in one field sufficient. I have seen people who have good writing skills but they fail because they have no “computer knowledge”. By computer knowledge am referring to seo, marketing, social media stuff, etc so how can we actually expect them to blog their thoughts to the world.How can they actually get a hundred thousand daily views? If an individual gets 100 he is happy.

Lets see if this helps 😛

I am not posting this to have any hard feelings. Just a thing that came in my mind 😛


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